Along Came A Cowgirl

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Along Came A Cowgirl: Daring and Iconic Women Of The Rodeo & Wild West Shows

By Chris Enss

In the beginning, rodeo events were confined to men, but it wasn’t long after the exhibitions began to grow in popularity that women joined the festivities. All they needed to do to compete was prove themselves as fearless as the men, and they did. Along Came a Cowgirl: Daring and Iconic Women of Rodeos and Wild West Shows by New York Times bestselling author Chris Enss, highlights the ladies who ventured into the male dominated rodeo and trick riding world, defying all expectations.

Among some of the iconic cowgirls covered in the new book are Fox Hastings, Tillie Baldwin, Hazel Hickey Moore, Mildred Douglas, Prairie Rose Henderson, and Mable Strickland. At one time all were billed as “Champion Lady Bulldogger” or “Lady Bronc Riding Champion.”

Along Came a Cowgirl: Daring and Iconic Women of Rodeos and Wild West Shows is the story of the riding marvels of yesteryear. Young women admired these cowgirls – women who dared to break society’s traditional roles, jump aboard a horse, and hold their own in a male profession. The women included in the book came from a variety of backgrounds and locations, but all had in common the desire to entertain crowds on the backs of their horses. With a lot of grit and determination, they were able to saddle up and follow their dreams.

Cowgirl Magazine editor in chief Ken Amorosano noted that "Along Came A Cowgirl is an important historical account of the individual lives and stories that cemented the reputation and lore of the early American cowgirl chronicled by a writer who not only knows her subject intimately but is also a trailblazer as a woman of the West. Chris Enss is well known for her historic compositions, books, and articles about women of the West and the history and times in which they lived."